The Band

Norm Berketa is the founding member of the band, and has enjoyed making music since the early 80s. He started playing drums in a band called Al's Garage, which eventually evolved into Silent Q, a band that had a hit-summer in Ottawa, and regretfully dis-banded after playing the world-famous Barrymore's twice... both times to sold-out crowds! What was left of Silent Q became The Initiatives, and after failing to rekindle the magic of the Q, everybody went their separate ways. Norm bought recording equipment and began making his own music from that point on, from analog to digital.

Buddy Munt joined Norm on Technoparc as a guest artist, and then never left. Buddy started playing drums and percussion while inside the womb, and by the age of five, he had already been through two drum kits. Not being one for crowds, Buddy stays well-hidden, but continues to sit-in for many bands, under many names, as a session drummer. He will always avoid being seen, and never does visual interviews. He has declined many opportunities to appear on film, but will always work hard behind the scenes.

Alphonso Broulliard joined the band on Too Many Teamsters because of a dare. He lost, but was quite happy to discover that he could have some fun and make some music at the same time. Alphonso's music career also started on a dare, and he has never looked back. He plays almost every instrument, sings quite well, and even has a few tattoos. Like Buddy, Alphonso is quite shy, and still refuses to show his face --or his tattoos--anywhere in public. 'Phonsy' also does session work when he can, and when he's not making music, he spends time raising his two dogs.

Other guest artists that have appeared on Dead's albums are Jim Young, Jamie Douglas and Norm's daughter Hayley Berketa. All three appeared on Technoparc. Jim and Jamie are still pursuing a musical career of their own, and Hayley is currently working with her dad on a CD of her own.

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