Ruptured Soul

Ruptured Soul is currently in production.

Ruptured Soul will be the 'back to the basics' album for Deadlivestock. Inspired by the acquisition of a 1954 Hofner electric guitar, this collection of musical works will reflect maturity, both in music and lyrics. Songs that 'take their time' and tell a story that you will want to hear over and over again. The opitome of this musical philosophy is the closing song on the album, "The Ballad of Major Casey", which has just been completed, after 4 months of production.

The album will feature 10 - 12 tracks. Expected date of completion is July 2011.

So far, the following tracks are completed, and are NOT listed here in the order that they will appear on the album:

Ruptured Soul
Marman Pond
Let's Settle Down
The Ballad of Major Casey


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